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5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Make your site a traffic magnet!

Five simple ways to attract and drive more people to your site and potentially make more sales without breaking a sweat. Free, proven methods that make any type of business grow and expand. 

Before going in serious on improving your digital marketing strategy, try to really understand the business model you are offering to your clients. What you don’t need is spending time on attracting any type of traffic; Focus on the people that need your services and groups of people ready to understand and pay for the type of work your company is doing.

Marketing and becoming a traffic magnet can be difficult, especially when you are just starting out with your business or hobby. With these 5 simple methods, you can easily convert and get more people visiting your website.

1. Fast, High-Quality Images

For a second, you might think what images have to do in getting more people visiting your site. One image won’t make a significant difference but think about your website like managing your shop. People get attracted by showing a beautiful design and colorful images related to your business or hobby. You can’t expect someone to like your shop just because you displayed the products on the shelves; It takes more than just offering a service or selling a product.


Instead, use fast attractive images that will get people’s attention, especially on headings or important areas of your website where people tend to visit. Fast image is the ones who tend to load faster; be sure to optimize high-quality images so the speed of the app does not get cluttered. Use images as a magnet and leverage it in your favor. 1-2 images should do the trick so people really understand what you are trying to show them.

2. SEO Optimization

Probably you already know about the importance of SEO and it impacts attracting customers to your site. SEO, in general, is a large topic that can take more than 100 articles to really dive deep and explain every segment of it. But to implement core SEO methods, it is very easy and a must if you want to increase your rankings on search engines.


To reap the benefits of SEO, you need to optimize your website in certain ways; Keyword research, speed optimization, design optimization, URL optimization, implementing analytics and much more. We are only scratching the surface here. To really stand out with your online presence, provide genuine, useful content that helps people around you. Among many others, this is the most important factor if you want to run a successful business and improve online authority.

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3. Leverage Social Media

By leveraging social media in your favor, I don’t mean going crazy and promoting your site on every social network out there. Take a minute and think about the people you need. Is your website more content-oriented or you are providing artwork for people to see and buy? For instance, Instagram might not be the right platform for everyone, even with such popularity with the last few years. For an artist, image editor or graphic designer this might be a jackpot, but for someone who is writing long paragraphs of useful information, this might not be the best idea.


Instagram has it’s own model and community, just like Facebook or any other platform. Think about what is right for your business and what type of community are you trying to get. Follow different pages and groups on these platforms, see what people are interested in. Provide valuable content and share it with people. If you manage to get their attention, they will surely want to see more from you!

4. Email Marketing

Often times, I have heard that Emails are hard, cold scribblings of text that rarely is someone interested when proposing or trying to sell your services to someone. This statement may be true if you are sending your Emails in a standard way; What you need to do is completely opposite.


Do not send a request and ask for money, give out content with value. Write a small E-Book that provides some useful information on a particular field. Offer something that people rarely are fond of, but do not write an essay and explain every step on how to complete this action. Give people a taste of your work and knowledge, show them that you care. If you are interested in your clients and the possible ones, you need to attract them to you, and not just talking how amazing you are; Show them your amazingness!

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5. Google is Not the Only One

Truth is that most people are using Google as their preferred search engine or have been using it. Worth knowing is that there are many more search engines you can use instead of Google. What this means is there are more areas where you can attract traffic. Many people let this opportunity slide, but why not invest some time in optimizing your app for other search engines like DuckDuckGo or Bing?


Once you got it covered, the story is pretty much done here. It might take a little bit more time to set it up, but you don’t have to worry about having a leaking pipe in your system flushing your traffic somewhere out in the open. By using optimizing your app for other search engines, you may increase your total traffic by 10-15%, depending on the area you are working in and your niche.


Be sure to leave a comment down below if you have questions or any requests for the upcoming article. Enjoy and have a good day!

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