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Here on Max Development, you will find the all-in-one solution for your websites and web apps. My services cover every bit and angle of building a rich, fully-featured website, web app or E-Commerce solution for your business, and applying constructive methods to skyrocket your online business.

Web Development
A blend of professional, modern, eye-catching web design and neat functionality will take you far in the long run and make the website more accessible for your customers. Each business should have a professional website suited for their needs, and this is what I aim to offer and provide to my clients.
Ecommerce Solutions
Using a CMS such as WordPress or Magento is a great way to manage an online store. For that reason, I provide complete solutions for selling your physical and digital products, but also provide dedicated solutions for dropshipping, affiliate marketing and building your ecommerce presence on the web.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a long-term process which is crucial to make your website visible on search engines such as Google, and to rank your content on top spots in search results. With detailed analysis, planning and consultation, I will make your website visible and increase its rankings, traffic and conversions.
All Features

To be successful on the web, it is super important to understand websites and web apps as a long-term investment. These are all the features I provide for your website to make it successful and stand out on the web. With years of experience under my belt, I learned that every project can become successful by using the latest technologies and by establishing the core integrity of your new website.

Web Development
In terms of web development, I completely handle the functionality and behavior of the website. By adding all the necessary features that the customers might use, this ensures that your project will provide real value and make your website successful in the long run.
Web Design
When designing websites, I always make sure to provide an ideal blend of creativity but keep the professional approach and structure of the website. To make a well-designed website, it is important to make it user-friendly and easy to navigate. All my websites are fully responsive and ready to use for mobile devices and tablets.
Web Administration
Web admin service is a monthly service that I provide for my clients who are looking for a website administrator on a regular basis. The job of a website administrator is to keep the website and the hosting working properly, to make certain adjustments, add new content, and to keep the website regularly updated.
WordPress is a popular CMS for building websites since it runs more than 35% of websites on the entire internet, which is stunning. This platform ensures that your site is flexible in terms of functionality and design. Keeping this in mind, this is my #1 platform for creating websites for small-medium sized businesses.
ECommerce solutions are on the rise since it opens up big opportunities in terms of buying and ordering products & services online. For that reason, I provide complete eCommerce solutions for businesses and individuals looking to sell products & services on the internet.
Complete SEO Solutions
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective methods to generate organic traffic which shows interest in the services and value your website provides. Direct traffic from search engines is making it possible to convert your potential customers into buying customers.

Take a look at some of my featured projects I built throughout the years. From web development & web design, and all the way to SEO, I always make sure to fulfill and deliver quality and efficient solutions for web projects I work on!

Clear Filters
Cutting Hedge
Cutting Hedge Irrigation
Salon Cvijeca
Cutting Hedge 2020
London Grass
About Me


Max Drljić
Web Developer / Web Designer / SEO Specialist

Hey there, I’m Max! I’m a web developer, web administrator, system administrator, web designer, and front-end developer based in Zagreb, Croatia. I specialize in creating beautiful, user-friendly websites that bring value to my clients. I’m passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest web technologies and I’m always on the lookout for the newest trends. I’m confident that my experience and skills will help your business succeed. Let’s work together and create something amazing!

My approach regarding building websites is mostly based on WordPress where I have years of experience in designing and developing websites for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as administrating enterprise-level WordPress websites, both as a content administrator and system administrator.

Regarding my developer skillset, my work is mostly based on frontend development, using JavaScript and frameworks such as Vue.js. I am also profound with various CSS pre-processors and frameworks such as SCSS and Tailwind CSS. In terms of system administration skillset, I have Linux fundamentals under my belt, specifically focused on CentOS and RHEL version 8.

Customer Reviews

Here is a list of my satisfied customers and their reviews where I had the pleasure to work on their projects!

Paul Lawrence

Max has been extremely helpful. He has done everything I’ve asked of him and even more on top of that. I could not picture anyone else doing as good of a job. He is very professional and courteous also even though the contract is completed he is still willing to help if I have any questions. He helped me a lot to set my online business and Lone Wolf website in order. It was a great pleasure working with Max.


Max completed the project on time. He is very competitive. I enjoyed working with him and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.

Mnichathr Owner

A great developer and a one-in-all solution for my online chat business. He also provides professional support and always delivers his services on time.

Vedran Habel
Center UNUO

I am very happy that I hired Max to create a marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram. For our organization, this is exactly what we needed. The outcome was above what we expected, and our reach and traffic have expanded quite nicely.

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