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Best WordPress Hosting: Fast & Reliable

Go live with your WordPress site in a few minutes!

Having a good hosting plan is crucial to keep your web app on the web, but not every hosting company may be right for you; For a small to medium-sized WordPress websites, there is a great solution that I have for you.  

What Is Web Hosting?

In simple words, web hosting is a service that keeps your site live on the web. To have your own website up and running, you need a domain name and a hosting provider. The domain is defining the URL of the website, and the hosting is keeping your site live 24/7, but oftentimes there are downtimes with the hosting so your site may occasionally go down for a few minutes.


The downtimes are not good for your visitors and SEO. It is crucial to reduce these possible downtimes to a bare minimum because long downtime will make a bad impact on the general performance of the site. This is the reason why choosing the right hosting provider with a stable and reliable service is important. You want to present your online presence in the best light and with professionalism.

Bluehost – One of the Best WordPress Hosting Providers

With so many hosting providers out there, it is hard to choose the “winner of the year”. But from my experience, Bluehost provides a perfect combination of quality and price. Their shared hosting is a reliable package that fully supports small to medium-sized businesses, hobbyists and entrepreneurs just like me. Paying big numbers for cloud hosting or dedicated hosting is surely necessary for enterprise-level applications or starting a big business where more advanced hardware is needed. Pretty much for all other cases, shared hosting will work more than great.


Now, I won’t go much into detail, but definitely worth mentioning is that you can start hosting your site for just $3.95/month! This is a great deal and this is why I definitely recommend using Bluehost. Minimum downtime, easy to use, great support and plenty of space for your WordPress files to host. Also, I strongly recommend visiting their official website where you can find all the information before deciding if this is the right service for you.

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Think about your needs and your business. Explore and see other hosting providers that may work for you. Ask a read about the company and what exactly they offer before making any purchases. As a website owner, it is your responsibility to know what services you are using and how it works.


Feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question if you need help with your hosting provider or leave a suggestion for my next article. I would love to hear from you, enjoy and have a good day!

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