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Front-End: Web Development & Programming

Major responsibilities of a Front-End developer:

There are many types of developers in the web development industry, front-end, back-end, database managers, testers, SEO analysts and many more. Today, we will focus on the front-end group and how important this field of work is when developing a project or SaaS.  

Front-End Development in Simple Words:

Front-End development is pretty much self-descriptive; It is based on visuals and functionality which users see when interacting with the website. Web designers work on the front-end portion of the website to create user-friendly solutions. The flow of the project should be catchy and attractive. A major step in developing a great-looking project would be hiring a developer/designer who has experience in UX / UI design.


Having a good design is a must. Without proper planning, wireframing and project planning, there is a risk that people would not like how the site interacts with them. Keep in mind that development and programming are focused to solve problems for the people. This is a golden rule for designers and developers to keep in mind.


Creative design

Keeping the designs simple with breathing room and pleasant images will get you far, but this is only scratching the surface. As you can see, the design is important and this is what leads us to the next step.

Make it all Work!

What is a customer wants to buy a product from your webshop or order a service? It is not enough for your site to be static and only look good. Front-end developers are able to make your site dynamic and actually handle all the functionality. Developers are following the web designer’s work to code the project so the design looks the same. After that, functionality is created so the project behaves in a way it is supposed to.

Making everything work right and smooth is not an easy task for a front-end developer. There is a lot of going on and it is necessary to iron out the problems. Errors, Bugs, and development-related problems are most likely present in every project. Most importantly, testing every part of the application is crucial before going to production. In the web development industry, HTML, CSS & JavaScript are used to handle the front-end part of the project. In a medium to large scale projects, many JavaScript frameworks and libraries are used to speed up the development process.


Throughout the years, many frameworks and libraries were used to develop and create new amazing projects. Many of these technologies were abandoned after something new and better came up for developers to develop web programs much more efficiently. Technology is improving and expanding at a fast-pace, so every developer must be ready to adapt to new things and environments to work with.

Front-End Development


Front-End development is a broad subject, and to become a good front-end developer, focus on one field. There are many directions to go with, but right now in 2019, JavaScript is pretty much the king of front-end development. Explore some of the newest frameworks like React or Vue and see what they are offering. Above all, they are here to accomplish the same goal, and it is to make a developer’s life much easier when developing applications. Leverage these technologies and use them to your advantage!


Don’t be a stranger and feel free to see some of my recent work on the Portfolio section. Maybe you will get an idea on what you are trying to achieve in your next project? In any case, you will see some quality projects and samples of my work where I implemented some of the modern methodologies and frameworks to develop these apps. Enjoy and have a good day!

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