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Amazonium Project

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Angular Project




Web Development, Programming, JavaScript


Challenge: The goal of the Amazonium project was to leverage and use JavaScript to build a similar web app like Amazon. We all know that Amazon is a huge website, but the objective was not to literally copy the website(which is almost impossible) but to create a similar set of functionalities which you can find on the real Amazon website.

Solution: There are a lot of JavaScript frameworks, and each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages. For this project, I decided to go with Angular since it is a well-established framework, and frameworks provide a wide array of options and possibilities for building websites and web applications.

Result: On my GitHub profile, you can find full code and project files. It took me a while to develop the application, but to round it all up, the Amazonium application contains full CRUD and eCommerce capabilities, powered by a Node.js backend. You can add products, sell them, verify your authentication & account, and process payments through the website.

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