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Centar UNUO - Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Marketing




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Centar UNUO – Social Media Advertising

Challenge: To promote non-profit organization on Facebook social media platform, create ads and necessary information that needs to be presented to the public.

Solution: First, I needed to collect necessary information about a non-profit organization, to learn what public do they attract with their content, and learn as much as possible about their users. After thoroughly collecting information, it must be presented and wrapped up inside an ad, but also make necessary configurations for ads to successfully display. Taking this into consideration, I need to configure Facebook Ads Manager properly so ads could take effect and display on a targeted audience.

Result: This was a low-budget ad campaign. We ran about 3 ads, some of them were displayed using the Croatian language, and some were created in English, which was targeting the audience outside of Croatia. Ads had a good reach, about 10K+ per campaign targeting local audiences to invite them to be a part of an event that was active during that time. All in all, ads did well based on the budget and a shortage of time for ads to take full effect, so we can call this one a winner!

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