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Fashion Store

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Web Development, Design, WordPress, PHP

Fashion Store

Challenge: Creating a WordPress template for clothing stores and businesses looking to sell their products online.

Solution: For eCommerce solutions, I also like to use WordPress + WooCommerce, since this is the program we need to be able to use standard eCommerce features. With coding & extending the eCommerce capabilities with other plugins, we can create a fully-custom solution for selling physical products online!

Result: I have developed a creative template design displaying products and images of people wearing the clothing. There are a Shop, Categories and News page. All of them are created in an accessible and user-friendly way. The clothing industry is a large open space when it comes to development and creating websites, so this is only a small fragment of what you can get with your eCommerce solution.

– This is a template that can be used as a base to build a full website. All content on the site is used for representational purposes.

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