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Marrytale - Wedding Planner

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SEO, WordPress

Marrytale – Wedding Planner

Challenge: Performing a technical SEO analysis, running a full performance scan and performing a keyword research and analysis for Marrytale website which is a WordPress multisite that holds 3 versions of the website.

Solution: As a first step, it was necessary to determine and scan all content on all 3 websites. There is a base version(main domain), a Croatian version and a Swiss version of the website. All websites have been crawled with a program called Screaming Frog so we can get a better understanding for the right approach when it comes to SEO, and how to effectively optimize all pages & subpages on all domains. Website performance also plays a key role here since our goal is to fully optimize the website and have it on peak performance. In addition to all that, two keyword researches have been done and delivered, both for Croatian and Swiss version of the site.

Result: The website has been fully optimized to follow the latest standards when it comes to search engine optimization, the performance of all 3 websites have been improved by reducing the server load and utilizing WordPress plugins to maximize the performance of the website. Keyword research also plays a key role here since the goal was to provide a way to have a lot of ideas ready for further content creation process.

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