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Salon Cvijeca

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WordPress eCommerce Project




Web Development, Design, WordPress, PHP, SEO

Salon Cvijeca

Challenge: The main goal of this project was to create a modern eCommerce website for a florist where she can sell her bouquets, flower boxes and offer her services.

Solution: For this site, I wanted to build something modern, and use large, high-res images and pictures of her flower creations. Products needed to be visible and noticeable, so I decided to use high-quality product images, display them on a white background, and make the purchasing process as easy as possible since this is the main focus of the website.

Result: I build a fully custom WordPress eCommerce website which uses WooCommerce to extend eCommerce functionalities. The site has multiple subpages but also uses blogging to provide helpful content for its users and to drastically improve SEO and traffic. It contains many subpages to provide more insight and helpful information about her services.

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