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Web Marketing: 7 Simple Ways To Increase Traffic

Attract new customers to your website with these effective 7 methods:

Every website needs people to see and visit it, and without real people and traffic, there is no point having a website. To actually boost and bring more traffic, I will share 7 helpful and effective tips on how to drive traffic and generate more leads. 

1. Focus On Real People:

Often misconfusion is about the whole mindset behind your business. If I am running a business as someone who is selling gear and equipment for fishing, then I need to target a specific group of people who are actually interested in what I am selling. Target people related to your business; For starters, set up the right type of mindset and start sharing your experience and how it can help potential customers to buy from you.

2. E-Mail Marketing:

Email marketing is most effective if you are active on your website. Write useful posts, share images and information that solves a problem for people. Just think about how many times you have used Google to find an answer to a particular problem; Why don’t put an answer to a question that hasn’t been answered. Even better, improve existent information by making the content more detailed and easier to use.

Most important thing in mail marketing is to inform people on something that might interest them. Nobody likes spam or information that is not helpful for anybody. Share freebies, talk about their interests and try different methods on how to engage your customers. Email marketing can be a very successful method if you do quality research on your business area and use it properly. In my opinion, MailChimp is one of the best free platforms to use for email marketing. If you need more advanced functionality, read more information about it on their website and look up for Grow or Pro plan.

3. Optimization:

This tip is not so much focused on digital marketing, but it is equally important in earning more customers. Something to keep in mind that on average, people tend to wait maximum 7 seconds if the website is not fully loaded. Be sure to test your website and improve its speed by optimizing the images and content to reduce the waiting time. Google developed an online app called PageSpeed Insights which you can use to test website performance.

4. Leverage Social Media:

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to get more people engaged in your work. To choose the right social media platforms depends on what type of business you are running. Facebook is a one-for-all solution, but Instagram is more specific because it is based on images and short videos. If you are an artist, this might be a jackpot, but for some, it might not be.

Best way to determine what platform would work is to do a research on the competition. Look for other similar businesses and how they are running their campaigns. Try to get inspiration from others and set yourself some guidelines on what might work for you. Check this 7 Social Media Marketing Tips to learn more about it.

5. Content:

Content creation is something I mention a lot, but from my experience and perspective, this is the most important method in successful marketing. Make content that is targeting people, not just SEO. Optimizing everything for search engines is always a good strategy, but the real users are people, and that should be your primary focus. Read more on How to Generate Traffic Through SEO.

6. Offline Marketing

In 21. century, every decent business has an active website which is undoubtedly a huge asset. Many times, we all tend to forget about the importance of offline marketing and focus only on what is happening online. Business cards, posters, newspaper ads, and television ads can play a huge role in your local market. For many small businesses, business cards and good local promotion can boost your sales. .

7. Testing & Experiment:

There is no magic formula on how to perfectly nail all the steps and be successful with your business. Marketing is a lot about experimenting and analyzing. Keyword & competition analysis, leveraging different kinds of marketing and doing all the steps is a good way. In the end, it all comes down to the type of business and how effective your traffic magnet is. Deeply understand your customers and their needs. By doing this, you are halfway already there.

Don’t be a stranger and feel free to see some of my recent work on the Portfolio section. Maybe you will get an idea on what you are trying to achieve in your next project? In any case, you will see some quality projects and samples of my work where I implemented some of the modern methodologies and frameworks to develop these apps. Enjoy and have a good day!

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